Welcome to NSFC

We are a family oriented fencing club in Great Neck, NY with a history of developing successful athletes for over a decade. We were recently rated the #1 club in the country for men's cadet epee fencing. Fencing is immensely popular with children and is fast becoming the new sport to help improve fitness, coordination, agility, speed and strength, while also appealing to a child’s sense of play. Children as young as 5 years of age can discover the exciting sport of fencing in a fun and safe environment. As well as learning how to fence, broader skills will be developed including self-discipline, confidence and responsibility. You will simply be amazed at what fencing can do for your child. Call the club at 516-773-6262 to learn more.

History of success

North Shore Fencers Club (NSFC) opened in 2002. The dedication of our coaches and students has quickly made this club one to be reckoned with. The club is well recognized in the U.S. as a serious center of training and has produced Épée National, Regional, and Sectional Champions. Many current and former members of NSFC are graduates of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Columbia, Penn, Brown and NYU.

Something for everyone

The club offers services for all levels of épée and foil fencers:
•  Beginner classes for first time fencers
Intermediate classes for students that are preparing to train on a competitive level
Competition classes for advanced and nationally competitive fencers
Private lessons that help to develop fencers personal style and polish fencing technique
Free fencing hours where students practice by fencing with each other
Tournament training camps to prepare students for key competitions
Fencing sport camps during the holiday periods
Birthday parties for children who love to imitate their sword-fighting heroes
#1 fencing club in the country for men's cadet epee...
unleash your inner champion...

Featured news

Ivan Zagoruiko, made the USA WORLD EPEE TEAM

Congratulations to our 2016 NSFC Junior Olympians 2016 Junior Olympic Fencing Championships Results, Cleveland, OH
Junior Men's Team Epee Results
 * Mick Yamanaka and Ivan Zagoruiko
shared 1st place Team Win

Junior Women's Epee Results
 * Joy Ma 2nd Place
 * Vera Lin 10th Place
 * Emily Gao 27th Place
 * Mina Yamanaka 39th Place
 * Doreen Wu 116th Place

Cadet Women's' Epee Results
 * Joy Ma 5th Place
 * Doreen Wu 44th Place
 * Emily Gao 46th Place
 * Mina Yamanaka 59th Place

Junior Men's Epee Results
 * Mick Yamanaka 11th Place
 * Ivan Zagoruiko 34th Place
 * Morris Boratin 88th Place
 * Tiger Gao 113th Place

Cadet Men's Epee Results
 * Anthony Leverett 124th Place
 * Joshua Zhang 199th Place
 * Evan Wu 266th Place

Winner!       4/26/2015 - Mission Fencing Center: Rocky Point, NY Jeff Wolfe ROC 2015

Sunday May 17th 10am-2pm - Épée Fencing Clinic     
North Shore Fencers Club
Improvement exercises, tournament strategies, and Q&A with champion instructors Marat Israelian and Alexander Tsinis

Winner!       10/17/2014 - Jersey City Armory: Jersey City, NJ Steve Sobel / NJFA SYC & CADET International